Common Issues Affect Teeth

The dentist is there to help you whenever you need a tooth fixed, or simply need a good cleaning. If you are looking for a dentist in puyallup, then you will find many who are capable of handling both aspects of dental care. Although this is great news, many people in the area hate going to the dentist. This leads them to avoid going at all costs. Everyone needs to go at some point for regular check-ups, but you can avoid major dental mishaps if you just take care of your mouth. Here are some key ways to do this.

Sweets and sugar are the number one cause of tooth decay. Sugars can cause cavities over time, and these wear down the enamel in teeth. The main way to prevent this from happening is to cut back on the sugars you consume. Make a concerted effort to eat foods that are low in sugar, and if you do eat them, brush your teeth immediately following the consumption. Smoking is another major issue that affects teeth. Tobacco smoke makes teeth turn brown or yellow, and it can cause tooth decay as well. Quitting smoking is the only way to prevent this. Tooth-whitening pastes are used to return the teeth back to normal once a smoker quits for good.

Tooth injuries occur when athletes do not wear the right protection when they are on the field or on the courts. A mouth guard should be used at all times during sports like football, basketball, and rugby. Once permanent teeth get knocked out, they cannot be replaced. Chipped teeth must receive caps in order to ensure that the conditions do not worsen. Hockey players are some of the most famous athletes who have tooth injuries. The procedures for tooth replacements are quite costly, so take the precautions necessary to assure a healthy smile.

Some people have a bad habit of grinding their teeth at night. They might do this when they are anxious, or during bad dreams. Grinding of the teeth does not create an immediate problem, but the teeth begin to wear down over time. See your dentist to find out the ways you can keep your teeth from grinding. Mouth guards that are similar to sports mouth guards are great choices. Often, these mouth guards have the ability to allow the passage of more air into the lungs during sleep hours. If you suspect you are grinding your teeth at night, seek the help of a specialist as soon as possible.

The number one rule in tooth care is to brush and floss them in the morning and at night. There are too many people who believe that night cleanings are enough. Night cleanings are important because they remove old food before you go to sleep, but morning cleanings serve the same purpose. Use floss to remove food and other items from between the teeth. A tooth brush does not have the ability to get rid of all food particles alone.